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Section E: Budget Narrative and Electronic Budget


There are two items in Section E which are worth a total of 10 points. 
BPEG Cohort 4 RFA - Rubric Section E


Section E.1 asks applicants to describe all of the expenditures listed in their electronic budget. Additionally, all of these expenditures should be connected to the project objectives and activities. The second part of this item asks applicants to describe how the funds awarded will be used to supplement, and not supplant, funds already being provided to the students, school, families, and community. When completing the budget and Section E.1 it is imperative that the budget be reasonable and sufficient given the scope and goals of the grant.

Section E.2 asks applicants to list the expected costs of the grant in the Excel Budget Workbook. This item is not scored, but is required to be marked "Complete" for the application to be accepted without changes.