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Section D: Evaluation and Reporting


There are four items within Section D related to the evaluation and reporting of results for the Bullying Prevention and Education Grant (BPEG). There are a total of 40 possible points for this section.

BPEG Cohort 4 RFA - Rubric Section D



Section D.1 asks applicants to describe the student impression survey that will be used to measure the effects of the bullying prevention program and the format in which the survey will be administered (i.e., paper-and-pencil or electronic). A brief description of each survey has been provided in the Additional Technical Assistance section of the RFA. Second, applicants should report why the selected survey was chosen. Is a paper-and-pencil version too time consuming for staff? Do staff value the culture and climate data that are provided in one survey over another and plan to use those data to inform prevention efforts?
Section D.2 is specifically related to opt-in procedures. It is required that parents or legal guardians sign a form that indicates they agree to allow their child to participate in the survey unless a district survey already in place is being used to collect these data. Additionally, students must be informed that they are not required to complete the survey and that they are allowed to discontinue the survey at any time without consequence. A strong response to this item will indicate the procedures and strategies that will ensure at least 60% opt-in permission. This level of student participation ensures that the data results are valid. When schools are able to make the opt-in process as transparent and easy to complete as possible, they are able to receive more permissions. What language will be used in the permission form? When will parents have access to the form to sign? Will the form be available online? An example of an opt-in letter to parents (PDF) has been developed by CDE for your convenience. It is important to consider the best way to obtain parent opt-in signatures. This could include providing the form and an explanation as part of registration or developing marketing strategies so parents are aware of the school's bullying prevention efforts and how to sign the opt-in form.
Section D.3 asks applicants to describe the procedures for all aspects of student impression survey. This includes when, how, and by whom the survey will be administered, how data will be reported, and how data will be used to inform prevention efforts. A strong response to this item will clearly describe the entire survey process from beginning to end. Guidance on potential procedures (PDF) for the administration of a student impression survey has been developed for your convenience.
Section D.4 is specifically related to confidentiality. How will the school ensure that student answers to the survey are kept confidential? Some professionally designed surveys are automatically confidential since no personally identifiable information is collected. A strong response to this item will include the language that will be used by survey administrators prior to students completing the survey to ensure that they know the survey is voluntary and that they can discontinue the survey at any time. An example of potential language (PDF) for ensuring the confidentiality of each student's answers has been developed and is on the BPEG website for your convenience.