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Bullying Prevention and Education

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October is Bullying Prevention Month! In Colorado and around the country, schools and districts are focusing on showing kindness and standing up to bullying. In our state, nearly one in every five high school students report being the target of bullying in the past year. You can find resources and best practices on our CDE website to help you begin or improve on your bullying prevention efforts. You can also review our Colorado Bullying Prevention and Education Best Practices and Model Policy. Together, we can end bullying across our state.


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Bullying Prevention in Colorado

Colorado has been a leader in bullying prevention with the passage of legislation to help schools and districts reduce bullying incidents. In 2011, the legislature passed the Concerning Measures to Reduce the Frequency of Bullying in Schools Act, creating a state-funded grant program to prevent bullying in Colorado schools. In 2015, voters approved Proposition BB, allowing for the School Bullying Prevention and Education Grant Program (BPEG) to be funded through the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund. Each year, the BPEG distributes nearly $2 million to grantee schools to help reduce bullying across the state. 

This website was created with the help of many partners. Thanks to the Colorado Department of Education’s Support and Intervention Unit and Teaching and Learning Unit, the Colorado School Safety Resource Center, Colorado Education Initiative, and schools and districts across Colorado for their help in this endeavor.

Results show bullying prevention is working in Colorado

The first round of outcome data from recipients of the School Bullying Prevention and Education Grant Program has been analyzed, showing a dramatic reduction in the percentage of students saying they have been the target of bullying and a drop in the percentage of students who say they have witnessed a bullying incident.

On average, baseline results found that 37 percent of students at BPEG schools reported being the target of bullying and 50 percent reported having witnessed bullying during the last school year before the grant had been implemented. After just one year of implementation, those numbers dropped to 30 percent of students reporting being the target of bullying and 45 percent reporting having witnessed bullying.

These changes represent an overall 19 percentage point drop in bullying and an overall 10 percentage point drop in students witnessing bullying. For more information, download our 2019 Fact Sheet (PDF).

19% Drop in Bullying 10% Drop in Witnessing