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Section A: Needs Assessment


There is one item on Section A which focuses on the need for a bullying prevention program in the applicant's school. There are a total of 10 possible points for Section A. Below you will find the criteria for Section A as well as a walkthrough for the item.

BPEG Cohort 4 RFA - Rubric Section A


Section A.1 asks applicants to use data to validate their need for bullying prevention in their school. The overall question to be answered in this part of the application is, "How do you know bullying is a problem at this school?" More specifically, providing data on the number of office discipline referrals or other documentation of repeated aggression can lead to a strong response on this item. Additionally, applicants may ask for input from their teachers, families, and community about the need for bullying prevention. This could include quotes about previous experiences with bullying and/or the background knowledge stakeholders have about bullying which could be improved through the education portion of the grant. 

Note: Applicants are NOT expected to use one of the four survey options suggested by CDE to complete this section. The data used for this section should be data already collected.