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Instructional Standards and Adaptations for Students with a Disability


Extended Evidence Outcomes Aligned to The 2020 Colorado Academic Standards – Public  Comment

The Colorado Academic Standards were reviewed and revised by committees during the 2016-2018 school years and revisions were approved by the State Board of Education in June 2018.  As part of this process, Colorado’s alternate achievement standards, the Extended Evidence Outcomes (EEO), were reviewed and revised by a team of general and special educators from across Colorado during the 2018-2019 school year.  The content areas in which the EEO are available include mathematics; reading, writing, and communicating; science; and social studies.

The alternate achievement standards are designed to measure the progress of students with the most significant cognitive disabilities, are no more than 1% of the population. These are the students who receive their instruction on the EEO and take CoAlt, Colorado’s alternate assessment. The student's IEP team determines whether a student will receive his/her instruction on the EEO based on evidence of a significant cognitive disability and the student's instructional needs. This decision is not based on the student’s eligibility category.

The EEO are currently available for public comment. You can access the documents for each of the content areas below. The documents contain elements of the academic standards that have already been approved and adopted by the State Board of Education (the standard, the grade level expectation, and the evidence outcome).  These areas of the document have been colored grey to demonstrate that these areas are not under review.  They are included for context and connections for the EEO. 

The EEO that are open for public comment are highlighted in a blue column in the document.  Please be sure to include the grade level and line number in your response when providing feedback.

To provide comments, please use the Survey Monkey - EEO Public Comments.

If you’d like to provide feedback via email please send it to:

Feedback received from the public comment period will be provided to content-area committees for consideration and possible revision of the recommended EEO.  The final document will be recommended for adoption by the Colorado State Board of Education. 

The online system will be accepting feedback from Sunday, September 1, 2019 through Monday, September 30, 2019.



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It is the goal of the Accommodations and Assessment Consultant within the Office of Special Education, Exceptional Student Services Unit, to keep you informed of educational trends related to standards-based instruction, accommodations, and classroom assessment for students with a disability. For assistance or questions, please contact:

Tanni Anthony (Interim)

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Please contact:

For Colorado Academic Standards:

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For Alternate Achievement Standards:

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