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Applying for a License or Authorization

5 Steps to Applying for Any License or Authorization

eLisensure Process: 1. find your role here at the Educator Licensing site. 2. Review the appropriate application checklist. 3. Assemble and scan required information. 4. Register and log in to eLicensing to complete your application. 5. Receive your credential by email in 4-6 weeks

Preparing for eLicensure

Do not start an application until you've reviewed the checklist associated with the license or authorization you are seeking. All applications require that you obtain and upload items such as transcripts, worksheets and/or signed documents. You will not be able to complete your application without them.

Important Notes:

  • By signing an application, you are verifying that the application is complete and that all questions within have been answered truthfully.
  • Should CDE require additional information to evaluate your application or if CDE has not received your fingerprint-based background checks from CBI/FBI, your application will be deemed "incomplete" and you will have 90 days to provide that information or for your account to be updated.
  • State statute prohibits the refunding of any application evaluation fee.
  • Once you have submitted an application, please check your status online regularly to ensure you have met all requirements.

I want to apply for a:

License Type: Authorization Type:

Teacher License

Apply for a Teacher License

Renew a Teacher License

Substitute Teacher Authorization

Apply for a Substitute Teacher Authorization

Renew a Substitute Teacher Authorization

Special Services Provider (SSP) License

Note: special education teachers should complete the teacher application
Apply for a SSP License

Renew a SSP License

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Authorization

Apply for a CTE Authorization

Renew a CTE Authorization

Principal License

For building-level leaders (principal, assistant principal) who have completed an approved principal preparation program

Apply for a Principal License

Renew a Principal License

All Other Initial Authorizations

Select one of the links below if you are seeking an authorization for the first time in one of these areas:

Apply for an Authorization

Administrator License

For district-level leaders (superintendent, director of special education or director of gifted education) who have completed an approved district-level administrator preparation program

Apply for an Administrator License

Renew an Administrator  License

* Please note: The administrator license is not for principals (see "principal" section above).

All Other Authorization Renewals

Select from the links below if you hold an authorization and would like to renew it:

Renew an Authorization

Add an Endorsement to an Existing License

Select from the links below if you are seeking a second or subsequent endorsement to your current Colorado educator license in one of these areas: