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Data Training

Student Biographical Data (SBD) Review

  • 2020-2021 Assessment Unit Data Pipeline Manual for SBD - PDF
  • 2021 SBD Review Webinar Training (PPT)

CMAS and CoAlt


  • Student Registration/Personal Needs Profile (SR/PNP) Field Definitions and File Layouts
  • Student Test Update (STU) Field Definitions and File Layouts
    • Spring 2021 CMAS STU - PDF
  • Student Data File (SDF) Field Definitions and File Layouts 
    • Spring 2021 CMAS SDF Layout - PDF
    • Spring 2021 CoAlt Science and Social Studies SDF Layout - PDF
  • Spring 2021 CMAS and CoAlt Summary Data File Field Definitions and File Layout - PDF
  • Report Interpretation Resources
    • 2021 CMAS and CoAlt Interpreting Assessment Results Training (PPT)
    • 2021 CMAS and CoAlt Interpretive Guide to Assessment Reports (PDF)