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CoAlt - Alternate English Language Arts and Mathematics Assessments

2024 Assessment Data and Results


Note: Data files and reports became available to districts and schools throughout June and July. Districts and schools may share confidential individual student performance reports with parents and may use aggregated and individual student level results internally for informational and planning purposes as soon as they are received.

CoAlt: DLM

The Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternate Assessment program is designed to measure what students with significant cognitive disabilities know and can do.


Arti Sachdeva, EdD
Assessment Division

Find your district's state assessment contact for CoAlt support: Statewide Directory

View CoAlt administration dates on the General Information page.

Parent Information Sheet (PDF)

CoAlt: DLM Manuals

CoAlt: DLM User Guides and Documents

CoAlt: Administration Training

Training Information is found on the CDE Assessment Division Trainings page

DLM Test Administrator Supports

Dynamic Learning Maps has a webpage designed specifically to provide support for educators administering the CoAlt: DLM assessment. This page is found at DLM Test Administrator Supports.

CoAlt: Participation 

All students who meet the participation guidelines for the CoAlt should be given the alternate in all statewide assessments. These assessments include academic assessments in the content areas of English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, the 9th/10th grade alternate to the PSAT, 11th grade alternate to the SAT, and the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs.  

A student's Individual Education Program (IEP) team, following the guidance found in the Alternate Standards and Assessment Participation Guidelines Worksheet, and companion document, will make the decision if the student will participate in the CoAlt or CMAS assessments. Only students with a significant cognitive disability who are receiving instruction based on the Extended Evidence Outcomes (EEO) of the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) should be considered for participation in the CoAlt assessments.

CoAlt: DLM for English Language Arts and Mathematics

The DLM year-end assessment model is used for English language arts and mathematics. Colorado students who are eligible for the CoAlt: DLM assessments are assessed using an online, computer-based system. Multiple accessibility features and supports, including teacher administered testlets, are available to assist students in accessing the computer-based test.

The DLM system also provides instructionally embedded assessments. Districts may decide if they wish to open instructionally embedded DLM assessments to their teachers and students. Only the scores from the end-of-year window are used for accountability.

CoAlt: DLM Blueprints

English language arts and mathematics blueprints provide educators with specific guidance for individualized instruction and assessment. The blueprints inform the structure and list the content area standards available for assessment.  

DLM uses nodes that represent academic skills at different levels of cognitive complexity to create assessments that are accessible to a broad range of students. Additional information on specific nodes and their linkage level skills are found on the following pages: