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High Impact Instructional Strategies: Dance

District Samples Curriculum Project (DSCP): Phase IV High Impact Instructional Strategies


I am very proud to present standards-based instructional resources for Dance. The model lesson is a set of full lesson materials developed to train content area teachers at the 2016 "All Students, All Standards: Instructional Strategies Institute." The additional sample lesson resources represent the work of a team of Colorado educators to share how they develop their own unique standards based lessons that employ high impact instructional strategies. As examples, they are intended to provide support (or conversation/creation starting points) for teachers, schools, and districts as they make their own local decisions around the best instructional plans and practices for all students.

Phase IV of the District Sample Curriculum Project is intended to share just a sampling of lesson planning processes and ideas as a response to requests from local schools and districts asking for more explicit instructional sample ideas. Thank you to the educators that worked diligently to submit their work for this purpose!

Judi Hofmeister
Dance Content Specialist

Model Lesson

The following is the lesson that was modeled during the ASAS Institute by the Content Specialist.  The improvisation exercise in this lesson was modified to integrate Dance and creative movement students.

High School Drama and Theatre Arts (Fundamental Pathway): Friday Afternoon Live: Improvisation and Sketch Comedy District Sample Curriculum Project (Learning Experience #3).  (Judi Hofmeister Dance/Drama and Theatre Arts Consultant, CDE)

Lesson Description: In this lesson, students will investigate, discover and reflect on an improvisational exercise that inspires the structure and development of original sketch comedy. The lesson will culminate in a performance of an improvised scene, then a reflective discussion of the process for writing a sketched scene that is developed from the improvisation. The focus of the unit will be exploration and play, along with the integration of creative movement for human expression and emotion.

Sample Lesson Plan: ASAS Dance/Drama Model Lesson Plan (PDF) | ASAS Dance/Drama Model Lesson Plan Powerpoint (PDF)

Phase IV Lesson Submissions by Middle School and High School Dance Teachers

High School Dance (Fundamental Pathway): Improvising Within a Structure District Sample Curriculum Project (Learning Experience #4). (Marisa Farro-Miro, Betsy McClenahan, Colorado Springs District 11)

Lesson Description: Across the lesson students will learn and incorporate the concepts of space, time, and energy; experiment with floor patterns, while collaborating in small groups to create a dance that links improvised movements to a choreographic structure. (Christy O’Connell-Black, Greeley Central)

Educators that attended the ASAS Institute submitted lesson plans including the following four essential elements:

To learn more about the essential elements, click here.

7th Grade Dance: Poetry in Motion Sample Curriculum Project (Learning Experience #5). (Linda Marsh, St. Mary’s Academy; Sandra Minton, Littleton; Anne O’Connor, Colorado Ballet)

Lesson Description: In this lesson students will compose a dance with movement that symbolizes the artistry, meaning and intent of a selected poem, using a common choreographic form to structure the dance.  (Linda Marsh, St. Mary’s Academy; Sandra Minton, Littleton)

Educators that attended the ASAS Institute submitted lesson plans including the following four essential elements:

To learn more about the essential elements, click here.

*More Lesson Plans and Ideas from the ASAS Institute can be found at the Think 360 Arts for Learning Peer Exchange.

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