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Curriculum Overview Samples - Physical Education

Initial Samples Released January 31, 2013

Hello educators,

I am proud to present the k-12 physical education samples created by Colorado educators and teachers. Working with facilitators Terry Jones and Sue Brittenham this past fall, educators came together to translate the movement competencies, physical and emotional wellness, and risk/prevention sections of the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) into curriculum. As resources for districts’ voluntary-use, these curriculum samples offer possible options for sequencing the concepts, skills, and content of the CAS across a course or year.

The template upon which all of the samples are based was designed and refined by Colorado educators to highlight what students should understand, know, and be able to do at the end of a given unit (detailed description of the curriculum template components).

Together, these samples are intended to support districts’ transition to the CAS and the development of standards-based instructional practices. Please click here to share your thoughts regarding the curriculum overview samples.

Phyllis Reed
Physical Education Content Specialist

Questions?: E-mail the Physical Education Content Specialist

Physical Education Samples

The Colorado Sample Curriculum was written by and for Colorado educators as a way to understand and translate the state standards into curriculum.  Users of the samples should feel free to copy, distribute and transmit the samples and to adapt them to fit their needs.  Please honor the work of the Colorado educators that created these samples by providing them attribution. These samples were not intended for commercial purposes.