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Planning Phases

Phase I: Establish Guiding Principles

1. Create a meaningful high school diploma
Students should demonstrate that they have met minimum exit criteria
signaling that they are prepared to: be responsible citizens, enter
postsecondary education or military service without need for
remediation, and be productive entry-level employees.

2. Student Ownership
Students should have early access to information about their education,
be encouraged to take rigorous coursework, and understand how the coursework and experiences in which
they select to participate have implication for their career goals.

3. Flexibility
Students should have multiple, equally rigorous and valued pathways to postsecondary education and
meaningful careers. Students should have flexibility to change their minds about postsecondary and
workforce goals, as they are exposed to a variety of content and experience.

Phase II: Establish Draft Academic Criteria and Rigor Thresholds

Legitimate Indicators of Math MasteryLevel of Equivalent Rigor
Legitimate Indicators of Literacy MasteryLevel of Equivalent Rigor
Legitimate Indicators of Science MasteryLevel of Equivalent Rigor
Legitimate Indicators of Social St. MasteryLevel of Equivalent Rigor

Phase III: CONFIRM Evidence of 21st Century Skills Application

Problems Solving/Critical ThinkingProof Level
Information ManagementProof Level
CollaborationProof Level
Self DirectionProof Level
InventionProof Level

Phase IV: Establish ICAP Completion Criteria

1. Sufficient Illustration of Career Planning
2. Sufficient Illustration of College Exploration
3. Sufficient Illustration of Work Exploration
4. Sufficient Illustration of Academic Progress
5. Sufficient Illustration of Financial Literacy

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