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ICAP Awards

Nominate your ICAP Champions for the 10th Anniversary ICAP Awards

Nominate your district or school for the 10th anniversary edition of the ICAP Awards. Access the Nomination form here!

Awards will be given for:

  • ICAP teams in 1) elementary school 2) middle school 3) high school 4) charter school and 5) district
  • Promising Practices for integrated student-driven processes that are meaningful and equitable, and that emPoWeR students for Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness.

The ICAP Award committee, composed of ICAP facilitators and previous award winners, will review the answers and stories, models and/or examples of the ICAP process that you submit on the Nomination form.

Honorees will be featured in the upcoming PWR Playbook and in ICAP Birthday Showcases on Tenth Birthday Tuesdays, January - May 2021.

Nominations will be accepted through November 25, 2020. For more information, contact Robin Russel,


ICAP Award Winners

The State Board of Education recognized these schools and districts at their meeting in January 2016

On behalf of the State Board of Education and the Colorado Department of Education, Board Chair, Steve Durham recognized these districts and schools for demonstrating exemplary plans for meaningful and relevant ICAP implementation. 

See also:

2017 ICAP award winner-CO School for the Deaf and Blind

Katy Anthes, Commissioner, Terra Lynn Gray, Supervisor, Employability Center, Steve Durham, State Board of Education member

Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind

The staff in the Employability Center at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind work with students who "exit our academic program with a better sense of who they are and how they can meaningfully contribute to the community. Included in the ICAP - that each student designs - are post-secondary education, independent living, and employability goals that they can live by in their personal lives and in their communities, because the ICAP goals are created by and for them, which they embrace as a road map for their future."

Congratulations to your Sherri Anderson and Tera Lynn Gray for the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind

Promising Practices 

    2017 ICAP Award Winner D11

    Katy Anthes, Commissioner, Sandra Watkins, School Counselor, Holmes Middle School, Rob Utter, Principal, Holmes Middle School, Dan Hoff, Executive Director of Alternative and Nontraditional Schools, Julie Johnson, Principal of Russell Middle School, Steve Durham, State Board of Education Member, Cory Notestine, District 11 School Counseling Facilitator, Logan Laszczyk, Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) Counselor.

    District 11

    The ICAP leadership team in District 11 has made ICAP a priority. "Internal and external stakeholders are driving the process. Schools own their part in the process, parents are engaging because they see the value, students love learning and charting their future, local industry is engaged in the process. Ownership is high.

    We have written ICAP into District Board Policy as a graduation requirement. Even the mayor of Colorado Springs in involved in promoting ICAP... CTE programming participation is up, FAFSA completion is up, College applications are up. And remediation rates are down…

    "Dr. Gledich, our superintendent calls it 'adding value to the handshake' as we help students 'prepare for a world yet to be imagined.' He adds, Our community believes in the ICAP mission and its residual impacts!"

    Congratulations to the ICAP team from D11, including D11 ICAP district administrators, and counselors and principals from Russell and Holmes middle schools.

    Promising Practices

    2017 ICAP Award Garfield 16

    Katy Anthes, Commissioner and, Joyce Rankin, State Board of Education member are holding the award for Superintendent, Ken Haptonstall and Counselor Mandie Dovey who could not attend the ceremony due to inclement weather.

    Garfield 16

    In Garfield 16 "We believe that the ICAP is essential in helping our kids plan for their future, as well as helping the district plan to meet their needs as they work towards 21st Century skills.

    The ICAP is meaningful because it is focuses on the students' interest. We are starting at a very young age in exposing our students to as many experiences as possible and, through their ICAP, students are able to put into words and take action toward that post-secondary goal. They are really taking ownership of the process and each is as unique as the students themselves. Also, this process involves in-depth talks with parents about what is next and how we can support each student. We can see the students much more relaxed in their senior year, simply because they have a plan. That is huge

    We are making strong connections with our community through mentor/job shadowing/internship opportunities and you can see students really making a correlation with the work they are doing in class and how that will be used in their careers. It's starting to click that what they are doing here in our district will have a great impact on their post-secondary life."

    Congratulations to Superintendent Ken Haptonstall and lead counselor, Mandie Dovey.

    Promising Practices 

    2017 ICAP Award Lesher Middle School

    Angelica Schroeder, State Board of Education members, Tom Dodd, Principal, Stacy Arellano, Counselor, Katy Anthes, Commissioner

    Lesher Middle School

    At Lesher Middle School, students are involved in the ICAP process all year. In November, many were part of a Future Planning Extravaganza, and the ICAP teams wrote about it: For two days, 8th graders attended interactive sessions with professionals to learn about health care, law, real estate, and avionics, along with postsecondary options like Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and concurrent enrollment. Then they joined their teachers and workforce center representatives for visits to businesses all over the Ft Collins area. This program - one of many at Lesher - has opened partnerships with local businesses that have flourished. It builds relationships between teachers, students, counselors, administrators, and community members. Students look forward to this event, and parents are engaged and call to request preferences."

    Congratulations, Rachel Eaton, School Counselor and Stacy Arellano who are here from Lesher Middle School.

    Promising Practices 

    Congratulations to the districts who received Honorable mention in 2017


    Robin Russel
    Graduation Guidelines Manager