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HSE Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Colorado HSE Testing Office have a copy of my diploma/transcript?

No, we do not keep any tester documents. You must order your documents from DiplomaSender directly by phone 855-313-5799 or online chat available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm MST.


I earned my diploma many years ago. Will DiplomaSender have my records?

Yes, DiplomaSender maintains student records from as far back as the '70s and '80s. In addition to electronic storage, they are able to do archive searches for old physical documents.


Do you offer GED or HiSET preparation courses?

No, CDE does not offer or endorse any HSE preparation courses. However, you can use the Adult Education office’s map to find a program near you. In addition, both exam providers also have maps you can use: GED or HiSET


What is the difference between GED and HiSET? Is one better than the other?

Both programs are state-approved for HSE and earn you the exact same diploma from CDE. We don’t endorse one over the other. You can read about some of the differences between the two in our Fact Sheet.


Do I have to be a resident of Colorado to take an HSE exam?

No, Colorado does not have a residency requirement for HSE exams. When you sign up on GED or HiSET’s website, you should choose Colorado as your jurisdiction to be issued a Colorado HSE diploma (after passing your exams).


I am 16. Can I take an HSE exam?

The age requirement is 17 years of age. However, you can submit an age waiver to request an exemption and take either test at 16 years old.


Can I take an HSE exam at home?

Yes, since the COVID-19 pandemic, both exams began allowing students to test at home with online proctor monitoring. See the Online GED Test or the HiSET Exam at Home for more details.


I am not yet 18. Can I take the at-home version of the GED or HiSET since it requires an online proctor to monitor the tester?

You will not be allowed to schedule the exam since you are a minor. However, go ahead and create a student account on the exam’s website, then email Alena Barczak, who will assist with lifting the restriction on your student account.


What are some ways I can prepare for the exam?

  • In your student account: Both GED and HiSET offer free and for-purchase study materials once you’ve created a student account
  • Public libraries: in addition to preparation courses, many libraries have HSE study or practice books
  • Bookstores/Used bookstores: You can also find practice books at bookstores or online stores such as Amazon


I am a third party looking to verify someone's education. Will the HSE Testing Office do education verifications?

No--Please contact DiplomaSender at 855-313-5799 or for education verification requests.