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HSE Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Documents from Test Providers:

FAQs from the HSE Testing Office:


HSE Records:

Does the Colorado HSE Testing Office have a copy of my diploma/transcript?

No, we do not keep any tester documents. You must order your documents from DiplomaSender directly by phone 855-313-5799 or online chat available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm MST.


I earned my diploma many years ago. Will DiplomaSender have my records?

Yes, DiplomaSender maintains all of Colorado's HSE student records, including historical records. In addition to electronic storage, they are able to do archive searches for old physical documents. In the rare case that DiplomaSender does not have a record, it's because the test location did not properly transfer records to DiplomaSender or did not give the student a legitimate GED test.


I am a third party looking to verify someone's education. Will the HSE Testing Office do education verifications?

No--Please contact DiplomaSender at 855-313-5799 or for education verification requests. Do not send student PII (personally identifiable information) to that email address.

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Preparing and Testing:

How do I schedule my exams?

Testing centers cannot schedule your exams for you. You must login to your MyGED account or myHiSET account to schedule your exams at your preferred testing center.


What is the difference between GED and HiSET?

Both programs are state-approved for determining high school equivalency and earn you the exact same diploma from CDE. We do not endorse one over the other. You can learn about the main differences between the two, such as cost and subjects, in our current Fact Sheet.


Can I take an HSE exam at home?

Yes, since the COVID-19 pandemic, both exams began allowing students to test at home with online proctor monitoring. See the Online GED Test or the HiSET Exam at Home for more details.


Can I take the at-home GED or HiSET test if I'm not 18 yet?

Since you are a minor being monitored by an (adult) online proctor, the test publisher may place a hold on your account before you can schedule. These are typically reviewed and lifted within a few days, but if the hold is taking too long, reach out to GED or HiSET directly or contact Alena Barczak at the state HSE Office.


Do you offer GED or HiSET classes?

No, CDE does not offer or endorse any HSE preparation courses. The best way to find classes is to search directly through the tester's website: GED class search or HiSET class search


Can I trust other websites that offer the GED or HiSET test/products?

The short answer is "no." The HSE Testing Office can only speak to the legitimacy of programs and products provided directly from our approved test providers, GED and HiSET, as there are fake HSE diploma companies on the internet. These are considered "diploma mills", which you can learn about on the U.S. Department of Education's Diploma Mill webpage. Check HiSET's official prep providers here and GED's Marketplace products here.


What are some ways I can prepare for the exam?

  • In your student account: Both GED and HiSET offer free and for-purchase study materials once you’ve created a student account
  • Public libraries: in addition to preparation courses, many libraries have HSE study or practice books
  • Bookstores/Used bookstores: You can also find practice books at bookstores or online stores such as Amazon

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Colorado Policy:

Do I have to be a resident of Colorado to take an HSE exam?

No, Colorado does not have a residency requirement for HSE exams. When you sign up on GED or HiSET’s website, you should choose Colorado as your jurisdiction to be issued a Colorado HSE Diploma (after passing your exams).


I am 16. Can I take an HSE exam?

While the age requirement is 17 years of age, you can be approved to take the test at 16 years of age via an age waiver. If you do not meet any of the conditions listed on the age waiver form, you must wait until you are 17 years old to test. 15-year-old students cannot request an age waiver and must wait until they are 16. 


What are the supporting letters for age waiver applications?

The supporting letter is an additional document to the age waiver form that should come from the applicable party to support the student's request to test at 16 years old. Please read the detailed descriptions of each possible type of supporting letter in the Conditions for Approval section of the Age Waivers webpage.

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