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GED Age Waiver


Typically the GED Test is only available to individuals seventeen (17) years of age and older.

Sixteen (16) year olds are able to take the GED Test if they are approved by the Colorado GED Office for a GED Age Waiver. All of the requirements for applying for the GED Age Waiver are listed in the Age Waiver Application. Individuals under the age of 16 may not apply for a GED Age Waiver.

GED Age Waiver Application (PDF)


Notification Process

  • You must set up an account at
    You will receive notification via email when your application has been approved by the Colorado GED Office.

  • If your Age Waiver Application has been denied:
    Your application and fee will be returned to the mailing address that is listed on the Age Waiver Application. If your application was incomplete, please make the necessary changes and resubmit a full application (including the completed application, support letter and application fee).

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