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GED Testing Program

In January 2014, a newly overhauled GED began being used in Colorado.  Colorado uses the GED to issue High School Equivalency Diplomas, and with the updated GED aligned to more rigorous standards, having this diploma will reflect test taker's readiness for postsecondary education and the workforce.  The Colorado GED Testing Program provides oversight and resources to GED Testing Centers in the state of Colorado, as well as information and resources for test takers.



GED Score Change Announcement

GED Testing Services (GEDTS) recently announced a change in the GED test passing score from 150 to 145.  The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) uses the recommended passing cut score of the GED Testing Services (GEDTS) to determine passage of the GED exams in Colorado.  The change made to the recommended passing cut score by GEDTS will be utilized to determine passage of the GED exams in Colorado. Any questions regarding the changes GEDTS has made to cut scores should be directed to GEDTS at or 1-877-392-6433. Additional information can be found at GEDTS' Score Enhancements Resource webpage, including FAQs for educators, and FAQs for testers.  


SBE Decision Regarding High School Equivalency Examination in Colorado 

At the recent State Board of Education meeting, the Board directed Colorado Department of Education staff to enter into contract negotiations with vendors of three (3) high school equivalency examinations – GED, HiSET, and TASC.  Please note that administration of any examination not currently under contract with the Department is contingent upon successful negotiation and settlement of contracts. The GED examination is currently the only high school equivalency examination contracted to be provided in Colorado. The Department will provide additional communications and guidance to the field upon successful completion of any contract negotiations with these vendors. 


GED Resources for Students and Educators

A summary of resources has been compiled for students and educators exploring the GED exam as a pathway to earning the High School Equivalency Diploma.  This summary of resources includes information on the exam, how to schedule, preparation materials, and professional development materials.  Click here to view the GED Resources for Students and Educators document.


GED Data Report, Fiscal Year 2014-15

A report was recently released capturing data on the participation and outcomes of Colorado GED testers during fiscal year 2014-15. The data covers Colorado GED testers from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.  Data is also disaggregated by age groups to capture data specific to youth (16-21 yrs old) and working adults (25+ yrs old).  Click here to view the GED Participation and Outcomes FY 2014-15 Report.


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The Colorado GED Office does NOT provide any GED documents onsite.  Diplomas, transcripts, and verifications must be ordered through Diploma Sender.

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