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Gifted Education Reports

The Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) defines the reports an Administrative Unit (AU) shall submit to the Colorado Department of Education.

Budget Reports - Due Annually by September 30

12.03(1) A detailed report of financial income and expenditures.

The AU submits the Extended Budget report via the Data Management System (DMS) by September 30.  The Expended Budget is a report that details the exact expenditures to support gifted programming from the previous school year.

Information about Budget Reports


Gifted Enrollment Pupil Count - Due Annually with District's Student October Count

12.03(2) The number of formally identified gifted students served through gifted student programming reported by:  each grade level, preschool (if applicable) through grade 12; gender and ethnicity; free and reduced lunch; area(s) of giftedness; twice exceptionality; and gifted preschoolers served through early entrance per local policies and procedures, if applicable.

Districts report gifted enrollment data during the Student October Count.  These data are reported via the Data Pipeline.  A student may be coded in more than one area of giftedness. 

Annually, the Office of Gifted Education provides a comprehensive gifted enrollment data report to the AU via DMS.  The report includes an indicator of whether significant disparities exist in the gifted population. These reports guide the AU in analyzing their gifted enrollment to determine subgroups that may be underrepresented and how their data compare to state percentages.  This in turn may lead the AU to developing specific targets for identification within the Comprehensive Program Plan to ensure equal and equitable gifted enrollment. This resource helps guide the completion of the annual Gifted Assurances Report.

Information about Gifted Enrollment


The Annual Plan - District's Unified Improvement Plan submission

12.02(1) Annual Plan
Administrative units shall submit to the Department an annual plan that is a gifted education UIP addendum.*

*Note:  ECEA Rules were last authorized in 2014.  Since that time, CDE implemented a biennial UIP submission for most districts.  The ECEA term for "Annual Plan" coincides with a district's UIP submission. An separate gifted "addendum" is no longer submitted to CDE. The provision for gifted student performance is integrated into the district's electronic UIP form.  In multi-district AUs or BOCES, AU Gifted Coordinators/Directors may collaborate with districts to develop a common performance challenge, target and action plan.  This plan is shared with member districts who then include the information within their district UIP.    

Information about the Gifted UIP


The Comprehensive Program Plan - Revisions due after AU's Colorado Gifted Education Review (CGER)

12.02(2) Comprehensive Plan
Administrative units shall submit to the Department a comprehensive gifted education program plan on a multiple-year cycle as declared by the Department, such cycle to be no longer than 5 years. The program plan shall be implemented by all constituent schools and districts of the AU. The filing of the program plan shall include a proposed program plan budget. Plans shall be filed by April15 of the fiscal year prior to the funding year. The Department will review all program plans for completeness. An AU's program plan shall be deemed complete if it addresses all elements specified in Section 12.02(2)(a) through 12.02(2)(1) of these Rules. A program plan for the education of gifted students submitted to the Department for funding purposes and program description

The development of an AU’s Comprehensive Program Plan (CPP) demonstrates commitment to identify and serve gifted students and their families in ways that fit with local district resources, data analysis and priorities. The program plan shall be implemented by all constituent schools and districts of the AU.  The AU plan describes the elements as outlined in ECEA Rules. This plan is informed by the AU’s self-evaluation, stakeholder input, gifted student data and ECEA Rules.  It is expected that local gifted needs assessments and student data inform Comprehensive Program Plans.

The CPP may be updated and revised at any time during the three to five-year monitoring cycle. The narrative descriptions given in the CPP provide the basis for the CGER process.  The AU revises the CPP based on the findings of the Final CGER Report. 

Comprehensive Program Plan Guidance

View AU Comprehensive Program Plans


Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Gifted Program Administrator.