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Committees and Networks

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Gifted Education State Advisory Committee (GE-SAC)

In 1984, the Colorado State Board of Education (SBE) created the Gifted Education State Advisory Committee (GE-SAC) to advise the SBE concerning all aspects of gifted education.

The GE-SAC was further codified into law in 2014 and is referenced in the Colorado Revised Statutes [C.R.S. 22-20-203(3)].

GE-SAC Webpage

Gifted Education Regional Network System

Colorado is divided into ten regions in order to provide systems of local support for gifted education.  Each designated region in Colorado has a Gifted Education Regional Consultant (GERC) who provides technical assistance to administrative unit (AU) Gifted Education Directors/Coordinators, facilitates networking meetings, provides professional learning opportunities, and supports local gifted initiatives. 


  • Provide funds for a gifted education regional consultant who will facilitate a specific regional AU network
  • Provide selected professional development experiences coordinated with the regional AU directors/coordinators to increase capacity of educators to identify and program for students with exceptional potential
  • Provide support, consultation, and technical assistance to AU gifted directors and coordinators
  • Foster collaboration and sharing of resources among AU directors/coordinators for implementing program plans and accountability practices
  • Provide the alignment, common resources, and consistency of the State’s provisions for gifted education through GERC participation in statewide reviews, resource development efforts, and GERC meetings
  • Facilitate and/or provide opportunities for gifted students and/or parents aligned to regional needs

GERC Webpage

Gifted Education Forum

The Gifted Education Forum consists of gifted educators who represent their region of Colorado. The membership includes 1) one AU Director/Coordinator from each region, 2) Gifted Education Regional Consultant from each region, and 3) Colorado Department of Education staff.  This group meets 4-5 times a year to collaborate and give feedback on issues pertaining to the direction of Gifted Education.


  • Facilitate two-way communication between The Office of Gifted Education and regional gifted education leaders; 
  • Provide reports on regional challenges and celebrations in gifted education;
  • Provide input to the agendas for Gifted Education Directors' meetings and statewide professional learning; and
  • Support integration and implementation of statewide gifted education initiatives.

Associations & Organizations

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