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Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) Gifted Addendum

UIP Gifted Addendum Overview

Annual Plan Definition

Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) Rules defines the UIP as the "Annual Plan"

12.02(1) Administrative units shall submit to the Department an annual plan that is a gifted education UIP addendum. In multi-district AUs or BOCES, member districts submit the UIP addendum. Multidistrict AUs and BOCES submit a summary for improving gifted student performance that includes annual assurances and a proposed budget for the forthcoming fiscal year. The annual plan shall be integrated with a district's accountability UIP timelines, or no later than April15. The UIP gifted education addendum, as the annual plan, shall include an action plan to meet designated targets. An AU shall submit an annual plan before receiving AU gifted education funds. Exception to this annual plan is for small rural districts that function on a bi-annual unified improvement plan submission. (C.R.S.22-11-303(4)(b))


The purpose of the Unified Improvement Plan Gifted Addendum is to align efforts and targets to improve gifted student achievement and growth. It fulfills the obligations associated with the Exceptional Children Education Act (ECEA) for the Gifted Education Annual Plan. It is important to establish rapport with district personnel who are responsible for data and the UIP; and to be mindful of the decision making process established in the administrative unit (AU).  Access to data, analysis of sub-groups within the gifted population, and discussion about the convergence or divergence of gifted student needs and targets is a collaborative process.

In multiple-district AUs or in BOCES, member districts submit the UIP addendum (not the AU Gifted Coordinator/Director in the BOCES or multiple-district AU).  AU Gifted Coordinators/Directors responsible for multiple districts may collaborate with districts to develop a common addendum that individual districts include with their UIP submission.  This is especially helpful for AUs with member districts that have a small number of identified gifted students.   

The addendum may be:

  1. Completely integrated with the district’s UIP with reference on the addendum template to the location of the requirement in the district’s UIP;
  2. Partially included within the district’s UIP with some additional information included within the addendum; or
  3. Completely included in the addendum. 

The gifted addendum is submitted at the same time as the district submits its UIP through the CDE online process.  Gifted addendums are not attached to the UIP, but are typed directly into the online platform. 

If the district’s UIP provides a data analysis that references data for a small number of students, it may be possible to identify individual students.  To avoid Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) concerns, CDE uses the following guidelines for public reporting of student data: achievement data may be shared when n-size is 16 students or more for achievement results and when n-size is 20 students or more for growth results.  Numbers can be aggregated to the AU level for the purpose of data analysis.

Gifted UIP Addendum Resources

Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Gifted Program Administrator.

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