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Gifted Programming

Gifted Programming Overview


Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) Rules defines "Programming" as:

Components, options, and strategies that will be implemented by the administrative unit (AU) and schools to appropriately address the educational needs of gifted students. Programming shall match the academic strengths and interests of the gifted student. Other educational or affective needs shall be addressed according to the individual student's profile.  12.02(2)(h)

Administrative units shall implement gifted education student programs providing programming options and services for gifted children for at least the number of days calendared for the school year by each school district.  2220-R-12.00

Programming Description

Programming includes the components and strategies that are implemented to appropriately address the academic and affective needs of gifted students.  Programming for the individual student matches the strengths and interests of the students.  An Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is developed annually for each student defining the programming options the student will receive to support academic and affective goal attainment. 

Key Indicators for Implementation

  • Components, options and strategies address the educational needs of gifted students
  • Programming:
    • Matches the student’s strength area(s) and interests
    • Aligns to student’s data and ALP goals
    • Identifies the type of delivery by which students are served at the different school levels
    • Supports methods of differentiated instruction
    • Provides affective and guidance support
    • Provides diverse content options in areas of strength
    • Is articulated across grade levels
    • Provides pre-collegiate and/or pre-advanced placement support and post-secondary options to students
    • Provides concurrent enrollment options if indicated in ALP or ICAP
    • Supports the collaborative development of the ALP
    • Provides a problem solving process when a gifted student is underachieving

Resources for Programming:

Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Gifted Program Administrator.