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Comprehensive Program Plan

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Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) Rules defines "program plan" as:

12.01(25) A comprehensive and complete narrative of program elements, including, but need not be limited to:

  • Procedures and criteria the AU will use for identification;
  • Programming options for each category of giftedness that the AU will implement in the gifted program; and
  • Actions and tools for the academic achievement of gifted children, and for evaluating the gifted program, which actions and tools are aligned with state accountability and program evaluations.

Program Elements are defined as:

2.01(24)  Components of a comprehensive program plan, which include, but need not be limited to, definition, communication, identification, programming, personnel, accountability, reporting, record keeping, and resolution of disagreements.

The Comprehensive Program Plan (CPP) is a concisely written description of the policies and procedures by which an administrative unit (AU) identifies and programs for gifted student education.  The development of an AU’s Comprehensive Program Plan (CPP) demonstrates commitment to identify and serve gifted students and their families in ways that fit with local district resources, data analysis, and priorities.

The program plan shall be implemented by all constituent schools and districts of the AU. 

The elements that must be addressed in a CPP are based upon Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) statute and criteria established by Rules promulgated by the State Board of Education and any criteria for accreditation (22-20-104.5).  Rules support national standards and best practices in gifted education.

The CPP describes the AU’s implementation of key requirements outlined in ECEA Rules. This plan is informed by the AU’s self-evaluation, stakeholder input, and gifted student data.  Completed plans are transparent documents, accessible to stakeholders on the Colorado Department of Education Office of Gifted Education website. 

Plans may be updated and revised any time during the five-year monitoring cycle, after the completion of the Gifted Education Monitoring process to address targeted areas for improvement, and on a submission cycle defined by CDE to be no longer than five years.


12.02(2) Comprehensive Plan

Administrative units shall submit to the Department a comprehensive gifted education program plan on a multiple-year cycle as declared by the Department, such cycle to be no longer than 5 years.

The program plan shall be implemented by all constituent schools and districts of the AU. The filing of the program plan shall include a proposed program plan budget.

Plans shall be filed by April 15 of the fiscal year prior to the funding year. The Department will review all program plans for completeness. An AU’s program plan shall be deemed complete if it addresses all elements specified in Section 12.02(2)(a) through 12.02(2)(l) of these Rules.

A program plan for the education of gifted students submitted to the Department for funding purposes and program description shall contain the following elements: (as specified in Rule)

Note: If you are not able to access the resources or need additional support, please contact the Office of Gifted Education Program Administrator.