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ARCHIVE -- Colorado's ESSA State Plan Development

This page is part of an archive of Colorado's ESSA State Plan Development

ESSA Hub Committee

Under the guidance of the State Board of Education, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) utilized a Hub/Spoke Committee structure for ESSA state plan development. The idea was to create a formal, central Hub Committee that had an oversight role in the development of a draft of our state plan to be submitted to the State Board in early 2017, and ESSA topical spoke committees that were responsible for developing and appropriately reviewing sections of the state plan with the nimbleness and flexibility to get the work done in a timely manner.

The purpose of ESSA Hub Committee was to provide oversight of the ESSA state plan development and act in an advisory capacity to the Department. The goal of the committee was to review and revise proposed state plan drafts that reflected a final consensus of the committee, the constituencies the members represent, and was in alignment with the vision of the State Board.

The ESSA Hub Committee finished its charge on March 6, 2017. The recommendations from the Hub Committee formed the basis of the ESSA State Plan Draft that will be presented to the Board of Education for approval in April.

Over the last eight months the ESSA Hub Committee members strived to reach recommendations that reflected a final consensus of the committee and the constituencies the members represent. Although the committee reached a majority agreement on most decision points, some members issue minority opinions. A final Hub Committee report was presented to the State Board of Education in April. The official Hub Committee recommendations can be found in the Hub Committee Dashboard and the minority opinions received by CDE are listed below. 

ESSA Hub Committee Report

ESSA Hub Committee Dashboard


Minority Opinions

ESSA Hub Committee

Hub Committee Meetings Archive

Unless otherwise noted below, each Hub Committee meeting began at 12 pm and ended at 4 pm, and took place in the State Board of Education room at the Colorado Department of Education, 201 East Colfax Avenue, Denver. All Hub Committee meetings were available to listen to online via a live audio stream for anyone unable to attend in person. The Hub Committee finished its charge on March 6, 2017.


*Synopsis of January and February meetings 

Hub Committee Resources, Materials, and Recommendations Archive

ESSA Spoke Committees Archive

The goal of each spoke committee was to address state plan requirements in the draft of their ESSA plan section; thoroughly review drafts with constituency groups as needed and appropriate; consider and respond to feedback from ESSA listening tour; and provide updates to, and review plans with, the ESSA hub committee throughout the submission process. The Colorado Department of Education designated as many members as required to adequately staff and participate in the committee structure.

Visit the ESSA Feedback Webpage to view the opportunities that were made available to provide input on key recommendations and submit feedback on state plan section drafts.

Each spoke committee was led by a team of CDE staff members and utilized existing committees and groups as needed, and added new members as appropriate and necessary.