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ARCHIVE -- ESSA Hub Committee Membership List

This page is part of an archive of Colorado's ESSA State Plan Development

As of August 1, 2016 

(Note: Hub Committee's last meeting was on March 6, 2017)


  • Steve Durham, State Board of Education
  • Angelika Schroeder, State Board of Education
  • Rep. Brittany Pettersen, State Legislature
  • Rep. Jim Wilson, State Legislature
  • Evy Valencia, Governor’s Office
  • Ken DeLay, Colorado Association of School Boards
  • Lisa Escarcega, Colorado Association of School Executives
  • Linda Barker, Colorado Education Association
  • Don Anderson, Colorado BOCES Association
  • Diane Duffy, Colorado Department of Higher Education

  • Jesus Escarcega, Colorado ESEA Committee of Practitioners
  • Jim Earley, Parent Representative
  • Ross Izard, Independence Institute
  • Luke Ragland, Colorado Succeeds
  • Jeani Frickey Saito, Stand for Children
  • Kirk Banghart, Moffat School District, President of Rural Alliance
  • Dan Schaller, League of Charter Schools
  • Sean Bradley, Urban League of Metropolitan Denver
  • Ernest House, Jr., Colorado Commission on Indian Affairs
  • Carolyn Gery, Goal Academy