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Waiver Request

Attention: On November 15, 2012, the State Board of Education approved the request to update the list of automatic waivers from state statute for all charter schools. The Colorado Department of Education recommended additional automatic waivers for charter schools, based on the frequency of requests for particular waivers in the past several years. The most up to date list of automatic waivers is listed on the Waiver Request Form.

Waiver Request Guidance-Charter Schools

This document provides an overview about why charter schools can request to waive out of state statute and rule, the process to apply for these waivers, how schools and districts receive notification of approval, frequently asked questions, and more. Click here to view the guide.

Use this Pre-submission Checklist for Charter Waivers before submitting any documents to CDE (updated 7/1/13)

Please read this memo regarding waiver submission from the Schools of Choice Office (updated 7/1/13)

For a waiver request to be reviewed, please provide:

  • An electronic, signed copy of the charter contract between the charter school and its authorizer, which includes a complete request of waivers as an appendix
  • Waiver Request Form-complete, typed and signed (updated 11/16/12)
  • A Rationale and Replacement Plan (RRP) for each waiver requested from state statute. This is a requirement for automatic and non-automatic waivers. Click here to view a Sample RRP.
  • An electronic, signed copy of the Board Resolution authorizing the chater application, renewal application or extension. The dates of the term must match the dates of the contract term (per C.R.S. 22-30.5-110(1.5))

Related Law/Rules

CDE READ Act Guidance for Charter Schools (10/17/13)

Memo-S.B. 10-191: Charter and Innovation Schools (updated 1/18/12)

State Board Rules for Requesting Charter School Waivers

Approved Waivers by Charter School

Click here to view a list of waivers that have been approved for each charter school as well as the frequency each state waiver has been requested by charter schools


Please contact Kelly Rosensweet with any questions:


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