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High School Equivalency Examinations in Colorado

At the State Board of Education meeting in December 2015, the Board directed Colorado Department of Education (CDE) staff to enter into contract negotiations with vendors of three high school equivalency examinations. As of September 2020, this number was reduced to two. The two vendors who are now eligible to administer high school equivalency examinations in Colorado are: GED and HiSET. (CDE no longer contracts with TASC)

CDE-approved testing centers determine which high school equivalency examination(s) a testing center will offer at each individual location and may choose to administer one or more examination types at their discretion. The approved vendors are responsible for working directly with CDE-approved testing centers to coordinate administration of examination(s).

Testing centers that administer the GED can continue to schedule GED exams as usual. GED is the high school equivalency exam that has been utilized in Colorado for approximately the past 45 years. GED is continuing as one of the eligible vendors.  

The Colorado State Board of Education approves the high school equivalency examinations utilized in Colorado to measure major outcomes and concepts associated with high school education. There are two state board approved high school equivalency examinations in Colorado: GED and HiSET. The Colorado High School Equivalency Diploma is awarded for successful completion of one of these approved examinations.  Please see the new High School Equivalency Testing Program Fact Sheet for more information about high school equivalency testing in Colorado, including information on each examination including: cost, content areas, and scoring.​

Information from the US DOE to institutions of higher education regarding state-authorized examinations that the state recognizes as the equivalency of a high school diploma.

You must order your HSE diploma or transcript through Diploma Sender.  These are not issued automatically and the Colorado HSE Testing Office does not provide these documents in our office.