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Graduation Guidelines Summit Policy to Practice

Policy to Practice 

Now that districts have aligned their Graduation Requirements with Graduation Guidelines, they are in the process of transitioning from policy to practice. Join the discussion and learn from leaders in Park County, Thompson, Jeffco Schools, and Greeley as they share their differing approaches and lessons learned. These districts are focusing on evaluating and strengthening current programs and strategically developing new pathways to postsecondary and workforce readiness that will enable every student to succeed.

Materials to Share: 

      Weld County District 6

     Jeffco District

     Park County District Re2

     Thompson School District 

  • Thompson 2 Life - Coming Soon! 

     Presenters and Facilitators: 

  • Jeri Crispe, Director of Secondary Education, Thompson School District
  • Stacie Datteri, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Achievement, Weld County School District 6
  • Jeffrey Fugita, Executive Director Curriculum & Instruction, Jeffco Schools
  • Gretchen Panicucci, School Counselor, Park County Schools
  • Facilitator: Heather Chikoore, Director of Policy, Colorado Education Initiative