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School Nursing and Health - Training Tools

Medication Administration

Rules & Guidelines

Medication Administration Training of Unlicensed Administrative Personnel (UAP) 

  1. The school nurse must register with Healthy Child Care Colorado to access medication administration course materials.
  2. UAP takes course either in person or online (at school nurse's discretion) and prints certificate.
    • School Staff Online Course Access Information on COTrain (PDF)
    • Preschool & Child Care Staff Online Course Access on PDIS (Exiting CDE)
  3. School nurse verifies competency of UAP to administer medication and School Nurse delegates the task of medication administration.

Position Statements

Nursing Procedures and Delegation

Emergency Care

Common Chronic Conditions Training

Standard Precautions Course

This course covers the use of standard precautions.  It focuses on child care learning settings, but personnel working in school settings will also find this course relevant.  It addresses standard precautions, the prevention and control of infectious diseases, and the role of immunizations for children and care providers.

Asthma Course for UAPs

Asthma Training for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) - Applying Best Practice Asthma Care in Schools: A Standardized Statewide Approach

Free online 2-hour course for UAPs

The objectives of the course are:

  • Encourage parents/guardians to complete the Asthma Intake form and communicate its completion to the school nurse.
  • Implement the green (required pre-treatment), yellow and red zones of the Colorado Asthma Care Plan.
  • Administer and coach for accurate technique for administration of a quick relief medication using a MDI plus spacer.

Enroll in UAP course HERE

Also see information about our Asthma Training for School Nurses on the Professional Development Page

Food Allergy Training

Epilepsy/ Seizure Training