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School Nursing and Health - School Nurse Basics

Getting Started

Welcome to School Nursing in Colorado!

This webpage is designed to give school nurses an overview of foundational resources used in Colorado School Nursing Practice.  

Tips to Help You Get Started:

  1. Bookmark the School Nursing and Health Home Page for quick reference.
  2. Join the School Nurse Listserv - This is how important information on trainings and updates in school nursing are emailed to Colorado School Nurses.
  3. View Trainings for New School Nurses. We provide trainings throughout the year for new school nurses including an annual School Nurse Orientation in July and an an On-Demand Introduction to Colorado School Nursing online course to help you get started.
  4. Download the Resources for Getting Started below. 
  5. Review CDE Special Service Provider Licensure information below.
  6. Sign up for CIIS (Colorado Immunization Information System) to access immunization records.
  7. View the Medication Administration Training information and register to become at trainer by joining the CCHC Hub to access forms.
  8. Contact a CDE School Nurse Specialist for any questions!  We are here to help!

Resources for Getting Started


Professional School Nursing

School Nurse Licensure

Initial Special Service Provider (SSP) License

New school nurses must apply with the Colorado Department of Education for an Initial Special Service Provider License.  Registered Nurses (BSN or ADN) with an active RN license may apply.

Why do I need a Special Service Provider License from CDE if I already hold a Registered Nurse License through DORA?

School nurse services are services provided by a qualified school nurse. Per the Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) Rules March 2016, 1 CCR 301-8, 2.37(3)(m), all related services personnel providing services to children with disabilities shall hold Colorado special services licenses or certificates with appropriate endorsements.

How do I apply for a Special Service Provider License?

Advancing from Initial SSP license to Professional SSP license

The Initial SSP license expires in 3 years. Prior to expiration, the school nurse will need to apply for a Professional SSP license. 

  • The initially licensed school nurse must participate in an approved induction program.
  • To advance from an Initial SSP license to a Professional SSP license, you will need a certificate verifying completion of an induction program specific to the license you wish to advance (ie, Special Service Provider with School Nurse endorsement).  
  • Induction programs are provided by your school (public, private or charter), Charter School Institute, or BOCES.  
  • Per 1 CCR 301-37 8.2, the induction program must include a process for the selection and training of mentors and for the matching of mentors with inductees, so contact your induction coordinator to be assigned a mentor.  

Resources for Induction Coordinators and Mentors

School Nursing Practice