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Nursing Procedures

Children’s Hospital Colorado Sample Nursing Procedure Forms

The following nursing procedure guidelines were developed by Children’s Hospital Colorado School Health Program.  A rigorous evidence-based process was utilized to develop these procedures and assure safe practice in the community setting.  These nursing procedure guidelines were developed to assist clinicians in making appropriate healthcare decisions and should not be considered inclusive of all appropriate methods of care reasonably directed at obtaining similar results.


Delegation Considerations

  • Each nurse, educational institution or childcare setting needs to consider whether the task is within their Scope of Practice utilizing recommendations from the Colorado Board of Nursing.  Special attention should be paid to whether your hiring agency has policy and procedure practices related to nursing delegation.
  • DORA Board of Nursing: Laws, Rules and Policies


Seizure/ Epilepsy


Tube Feeding


Ventilator/ Tracheostomy/ G-Tube Skills/ Suctioning

  • Children's Hospital Colorado developed this Ventilator Care educational materials for families that may be useful for the school nurse when delegating skills.