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Colorado Charter Schools


In the state of Colorado charter schools are public schools that operate via a contract with an authorizer such as the local school district or, in some cases, the Colorado Charter School Institute.

Our office administers the Colorado Charter School Startup and Implementation grant, provides technical assistance to charter schools and authorizers, processes waiver requests for the State Board of Education, collects data on charter schools, produces special topic studies and the state evaluation of charter schools, and responds to questions from the general public.

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Colorado receives $55 million charter school grant from the United States Department of Education

In October 2018 Colorado was selected as one of eight states to receive a $55 million Charter School Program – State Entities Grant from the United States Department of Education.  The grant will support start-up, expansion, and/or replication of approximately 45 high quality charter schools in Colorado over the next five years.

The grant will provide funding for the CDE’s Schools of Choice Office to provide training on quality charter practices for charter school administrators, business managers, school boards and authorizers. Funding from the grant will also be used to help close achievement gaps by giving the Schools of Choice Office support to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and problem solving to better understand and address access and equity challenges in charter schools.

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