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Charter Schools Capital Construction Funding

Upcoming Deadlines:

All Charter Schools and Institute Charter Schools must submit the below forms annually to be eligible to receive Charter School Capital Construction funding.

CSCC-01 Expenditure Reports: Due September 30, 2020

CSCC-02 Eligibility Report: Due December 4, 2020

Pursuant to C.R.S. 22-54-124, each year the State Education Fund and a percentage of the marijuana excise tax provides an appropriation for Charter School and Institute Charter School Capital Construction. The funding purpose is to promote a safe and healthy learning environment for all Colorado students. Charter Schools or Institute Charter Schools can use the funding for school construction, renovation, or facility purchase or leasing.

All Charter Schools and Institute Charter Schools in the state must submit an eligibility questionnaire to the Division. The Division historically requests the certification of "Charter School Capital Construction Funding Eligibility Questionnaire" after the October pupil counts have been completed. Funds are distributed on a per FTE basis, and the final FTE count is taken directly from the October pupil count data submitted by a district to the Division. The funds are distributed on a monthly basis; the first six months' calculation determines the distribution amount per charter school based on FTE projections that the charter school provides. Adjustments are made to the distribution schedule annually in February to reflect actual FTE provided in the October pupil count data.  

Opportunities and Announcements

Considering applying for  BEST in FY21-22? 

  • Read important details for Charter Schools here.
  • ALL potential 2021-22 applicants: Please notify BEST of your intent to apply  prior to November 30th.
  • Reach out to your Regional Program Manager to provide additional assistance and answer any questions.

For additional information, contact:  Meg Donaldson  Phone: 303-866-6184  Email:

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