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BEST Grant Timeline FY2023-24


  • BEST Regional Program Managers provide technical support by meeting with applicants to assist in identifying and prioritizing needs, defining potential grant project scope, recommending delivery methods, assisting with procurement, and reviewing diligence materials.
  • Facility Insight assessments continuously performed, with priority given to current applicants.
  • Applicants evaluate needs, and complete master planning and other due diligence to establish project goals.

  • Awarded FY22-23 projects begin work.
  • Potential applicants work with consultants and BEST staff to define project scope and develop budget.
  • Notifications for upcoming grant cycle published.
  • No later than November 30: All Districts and Charter Schools must notify BEST of intent to apply.
  • Final FY22-23 project list is established based upon November election results.
  • December 30, 2022: FY22-23 Grant Agreements not fully executed may be rescinded in order to fund backup projects.

  • Match percentages available.
  • Online training available.
  • Applicants assigned Grant Manager accounts to submit applications.
  • January 9 - February 6: Application open, submissions due at 4 pm on February 6th.

  • February 7 - April 20: Staff review of FY23-24 applications. Summary Book published. Conditional Commitment Vouchers delivered.
  • April 20 - May 16: Capital Construction Assistance Board (CCAB) review period.
  • May 15 - May 17: CCAB meets to prioritize recommended projects for FY23-24.
  • No later than June 20: State Board of Education (SBE) meets to approve prioritized list.
  • No later than July 15: Capital Development Committee meets to approve SBE Lease Purchase project recommendations.

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