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Facility Insight

The 2015 state legislature authorized the Division of Capital Construction to conduct a reassessment of the 2009 Public School Financial Assistance Assessment, now called Facility Insight. The Facility Insight program supports the Capital Construction Assistance Board and the Division of Capital Construction mission.

Facility Insight includes an in-house team of assessors who continuously conduct state-wide facility assessments of all public school educational facilities. Assessments are based on condition and adequacy. The school condition analysis includes all the major building systems - roof, plumbing, heating, etc. The adequacy survey examines how well the buildings function for their intended purposes. The Facility Insight mission is to continuously obtain accurate and consistent school facility data for every public school and to be a state-wide resource for that data. Having an accurate state-wide inventory of all school facilities will guide the state in making informed decisions about school facilities and when evaluating BEST grant applications.

Regional Assessors conduct assessments full-time and are contacting districts to schedule visits. There is no need to contact the Division to schedule your assessment. Please note that assessments of all public schools in Colorado will be completed over a multi-year time frame.

Assessment Data

The Facility Insight Program has launched the Facility Insight Portal. This tool provides an overview of facility data that is collected during the field assessments. The effort to collect this information is a multi-year process. The information displayed on the portal is only what data has been collected to date and will continue to evolve as more is collected. The assessment data is a resource for public school facility capital planning and funding.

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Presentation (PDF)

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