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Accessing and Organizing Data - Tools

Inventory of Performance Data

    • Table used to track locally available performance data by content area.

Inventory of Other Data

    • Table used to track various types of data used as part of planning (in addition to performance data).

Organizing Data for Continuous Improvement

    • Flow chart that illustrates the steps in organizing data with a view toward continuous improvement, followed by a table describing the details of each data analysis step.

Job Aide: Accessing Median Adequate Growth Percentiles

    • Job Aide for using the Data Center to access median adequate growth percentiles over time.

Job Aide: Accessing Disaggregated Achievement Data

    • Job Aide for generating a report from the data center that includes disaggregated achievement data.

Job Aide: Interacting with Data

    • Job Aide for developing visual representations of performance data.

Standards and Sub-content Areas Assessed by CSAP

    • The standard and sub-content areas for which scores are provided in CSAP reports.

Data Analysis Plan

    • Document containing a series of questions to aid in the formation of a thorough yet focused data analysis.

Data Analysis Questions

    • Note catcher for capturing the questions the team will use to guide their data analysis.

Planning Data Analysis/Data Narrative Note Catcher

    • Planning to engage in data analysis note catcher.

Data Narrative Outline

    • An outline of the data narrative components with space to make notes about each element.

Data Analysis Worksheet

    • Excerpt from the UIP Template, this worksheet is designed to scaffold the data analyses processes used in UIP.

Sources of Revision to Data Analysis

    • A summary of the different reasons that revisions have been made to Data Analysis.

School Performance Framework Scoring Guides and Reference Data

    • Combination from SPF/DPF and State Disaggregated Graduation Rate Charts.

Adequate Growth Basics

    • Basic information about adequate growth percentiles.

Interpreting the School Growth Summary Report

    • Questions to support practice interpreting school growth summary report. (Word)

Interpreting the School Growth Summary Report

    • Questions to support practice interpreting school growth summary report.

CELApro to TCAP Growth Metric Comparison

    • Table that compares CELApro and CSAP/TCAP growth.

Sample Planning Calendar for Developing/Revising UIPs

    • An example calendar for engaging unified improvement planning processes (including on-going monitoring of progress).

Quality Teachers Commission Report - March 2013

    • Final report and recommendations on the Educator Identifier System and the Teacher-Student data link.

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