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Guiding Questions on Graduating English Learners for Schools/Districts

  1. How do we identify students for ELD services? How do we assess student language and language proficiency?
  2. How do we identify academic needs across all content areas and for diverse populations?
  3. What research and district information did we use to determine which type of ELD program(s) will best meet the needs of our students?
  4. How do we implement the ELD program?  (building capacity, funds, scheduling, professional development, etc.)
  5. How and how often do we evaluate our ELD program(s) to ensure they are being implemented as intended/designed?
  6. How do we integrate the CELP Standards into our district’s curriculum and into daily instruction?
  7. How do we progress monitor student performance?
  8. How do we make changes or adjustments to the program based on data and/or district/school results?
  9. Do we have the partnerships in place to support our English learners in meeting graduation requirements?
  10. Are there multiple pathways for graduating English learners?  Which pathways are most commonly used by English learners?  Do our pathways meet the unique needs of our English learners?  How?