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Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT District Resources

The Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board has developed the following models and tools for use by local education providers and institutions of higher education as their cooperative agreements, guidelines, applications and checklists for the Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT programs.

General Resources

Concurrent Enrollment Policy and Example Practices

  • This overview of CE policy & example practices provide guidance, support and ideas for districts, schools, and institution of higher education looking to implement or grow their CE opportunities.

Recommendations for Work-Based Learning in Concurrent Enrollment

  • House bill 15-1275 clarified that work-based learning opportunities, such as course work related to pre-apprenticeship progarms and internship programs may be included in CE programs.

Concurrent Enrollment for Students with Disabilities

  • Technical assistance document from CDE's Exceptional Student Services Unit


Cooperative Agreements & Student Application Forms

Suggested models for agreements between local education providers and institutions of higher education for Concurrent Enrollment or ASCENT programs.

Suggested models for Concurrent Enrolment and ASCENT program student enrollment.


District and Student Level Checklists

Suggested checklists for school and district use in the application and enrollment process for the Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT programs.


October Count Resource Guide

Guidelines for documentation needed and funding determinations for students participating in Concurrent Enrollment.


ASCENT Program Guidelines

Guidelines for the administration of the ASCENT program as approved by the Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board.


Frequently Asked Questions

CDE worked closely with the Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board (CEAB) to provide clarified guidance by updating these Frequently Asked Questions. 


Higher Education Concurrent Enrollment Resources

The Colorado Department of Higher Education provides information on Concurrent Enrollment specifically for institutions of higher education, as well as important information for districts, students, and parents on college course transferability and other higher education access and policy.


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