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Support for Gifted Learners at Home During COVID-19

gifted students working together

Guiding Principles to Support Gifted Learners at Home

Support social-emotional needs:

High sensitivity is a common characteristic in gifted students which may be increasing anxiety and depression during this time.

Differentiate content, process, and product when possible, offer:

  • ways to demonstrate knowledge/skill (e.g. pretest),

  • alternative assignments when that knowledge/skill is demonstrated,

  • faster pacing, and

  • opportunities to use creativity and critical/higher order thinking skills.

Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs)

Educators should assist in meeting the goals of gifted learners while learning from home.  Districts may determine a process for measuring and closing out goals for this year’s ALPs.  As a result of the suspension of in-person learning, goals may need to be extended or measured in a different manner than originally indicated. 

Additional guidance will be provided specific to the development of ALPs in the fall.


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