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Computer Science Grants for Teachers Program


Computer Science Teacher Education (CSEd) Grant Program 2022-23

Computer science has the potential to open doors for Colorado students to engage in learning and prepare them for a bright future. Thanks to a collaboration between the Colorado State Legislature and the Colorado State Board of Education, an appropriation of approximately $551,000 was provided to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to administer. The grant program is a competitive process for computer science teacher professional development during the 2022-23 school year. Approximately $473,000 of grant funding will be available for grant awards within two pathways, the application process will conclude on August 12, 2022.

Similar to the last school year, the grant will be distributed in two parts. Part one of the grant is a CDE-sponsored regional training in which districts apply for individual elementary teacher slots and a stipend of $150 for elementary teachers. Part two of the grant includes approximately $393,000 to focus on K-12 teacher education through a district determined training option. Local Education Providers (LEPs) apply on behalf of teachers by submitting an online application which will then proceed through a competitive review process. District charter schools or schools associated with the Charter School Institute are required to have their authorizing charter sign the assurance form as the fiscal agent. If you would like information about future CSEd grant opportunities or have questions please contact Pam Lewis at  or 720-576-4622.


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K-12 District Determined

The Computer Science Education Grant for K-12 teachers allows for district-determined professional development where Local Education Providers can choose the provider(s) best suited for their needs to train teachers. In addition to a district determined training professional development might include post-secondary courses. For the purpose of this option allowable costs for professional development includes tuition, fees, training program costs, and books and/or materials for the teacher(s) to access training. LEPs can apply for grants up to $30,000 under the K-12 district determined category.

Elementary Regional Training:

Through Colorado School of Mines, CDE will offer virtual statewide computer science training for elementary teachers in all regions across the state. Through this option, CDE hopes to promote the inclusion of computer science education in the elementary curriculum. Participating teachers will qualify for a stipend up to $150.

The regional training will focus on introducing teachers to computational thinking, the use of computational thinking as a problem solving process across all disciplines, both online and unplugged methods of teaching computer science, and integrating computer science into your general classroom curriculum.

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If you would like information about the CSEd grant or have questions please contact Pam Lewis at  Pam Lewis at or 720-576-4622