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Approved Professional Development

Approved Professional Development to meet the READ Act K-3 Teacher Training Requirement

The following professional development programs have been reviewed and approved to meet the criteria for the evidence-based training in teaching reading requirement for kindergarten through third grade teachers as defined by the Colorado READ Act.

Below is a list of professional development programs that were approved during the Spring of 2020 review process. Vendors who submitted professional development programs that have been reviewed and not approved were notified and provided information regarding the appeal process (CCE 301-92, 11.02).

Due to the implications of Covid-19, the application to submit professional development for review was released only to vendors of professional development that was previously approved and on the READ Act Professional Development Advisory List. The application will be released publicly to all interested applicants in the future.

Important Dates for Teachers

August 1, 2022: evidence-based training in teaching reading must be completed

August 15, 2022: documentation must be submitted to the Colorado Online Licensing (COOL) system

All teachers who teach in kindergarten through grade three, must complete the training by August 1, 2022 to meet the deadline. In subsequent years, teachers hired after June 1, 2022 must enroll in the READ Act teacher training as soon as they receive their district email address. Teachers are expected to complete the training without delays so as to not impact the distribution of READ Act per-pupil dollars to the local education agency.

Professional Development that meets the requirements of the READ Act K-3 Teacher Training 

Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education (CORE) Elementary Reading Academy + Language Conventions & Writing Fundamentals

Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education (CORE) Online Elementary Reading Academy + Language Conventions & Writing Fundamentals

The Reading Teacher's Top Ten Tools: Instruction That Makes a Difference

LETRS Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling 3rd Edition, Units 1-8

Keys to Beginning Reading-(face-to face training)

Strive - Evidence-Based Teacher Training Course

Public Consulting Group, Inc - Building a Strong Foundation: Developing Early Literacy Skills


**As of May 6, 2020, CDE will accept applications from Colorado school districts or BOCES seeking approval of professional development plans to meet the requirements of the evidence-based training in teaching reading required by the READ Act (C.R.S.12-7-1208(6)(a)). The district professional development application is a “rolling application” and can be submitted at any time.