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Early Literacy Assessment Tool Project

The Early Literacy Assessment Tool Project (ELAT)

The 2012 School Finance Act required CDE to select a contractor to supply an early literacy assessment tool that teachers may use to obtain real-time assessments of the reading skill levels of students in kindergarten through third grade. The intent was to support state purchase of software that provides individualized assessments with immediate results, stores and analyzes those results, and recommends activities based on those results.

Through a competitive bid process, the contract was awarded to Amplify for its DIBELS Next system and Burst diagnostic reading assessments in January 2013. Pending legislative approval during the 2014 session, the department will offer the project for the 2014-15 school year. For the 2014-15 school year DIBELS Deep was added as the diagnostic assessment.

By participating in the Early Literacy Assessment Tool Project, local education agencies (LEAs) will be supplied with the online assessment of DIBELS Next, an approved interim measure, and Dibels DEEP, an approved diagnostic reading assessment. First-time participating LEAs will receive assessment kits, each school will receive one kit per grade level (renewal applicants will not receive additional kits). All LEAs will receive licenses to use the assessments.

The tool will store and analyze the results and recommend school and home activities based on those results. Districts will be responsible for providing their own hardware.


September 2016 ELAT Newsletter:

Topics include:

  • Benchmark update from the authors of DIBELS Next - A new category Above Benchmark is introduced
  • Product updates including: Daze Online, Reporting Updates, Progress monitor recommendations
  • Tools to help you streamline usernames and an ELAT Program guide
  • Updates on resources for goal setting and DIBELS Next Administration

November 2016 ELAT Newsletter

  • Training Modules for DIBELS Deep Available November 15, 2016  - Read about the modules and the creation of the training with our partners at Dynamic Measurement Group
  • DIBELS Deep Report: See a sample report and a help guide for accessing the report in mCLASS
  • Item Level Advisor enhancements - Additional features in error patterns added and enhanced activities to support students
  • Pathways of Progress Refresher Module - A new introductory module for using Pathways of Progress

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Support Staff

Donna Bright
CDE Principal Consultant

Eric Howey
Associate Director, Account Management

Karen Cushman
Account Management

Andrew Benesh
Account Management

Jamie Gansmann
Regional School Support

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If you would like to be added to the email list for ELAT updates please email Donna Bright,

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