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2021 READ Act Review of Professional Development

Topic-Specific Advisory List of Professional Development

The following professional development programs have been reviewed and approved to meet the criteria for the support of implementation of scientifically and evidence-based instruction and strategies in teaching reading and addressing the needs of students with significant reading deficiencies pursuant to 10 C.R.S. 22-7-1209, the Colorado READ Act. These courses must: 

  • Be focused on or aligned with the science of reading, including teaching in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, reading fluency including oral skills, and reading comprehension; and
  • Include rigorous evaluations of learning throughout and at the end of the course that a person taking the course must pass to successfully complete the course. 

The purpose of the READ Act Advisory List of Professional Development Programs is to provide districts and schools with a choice of professional development that adequately enhances teacher quality and implementation of scientifically based or evidence-based literacy practices. 

Below is a list of topic-specific, READ Act-aligned professional development programs that were approved during the Spring of 2021 review process. Vendors who submitted professional development programs that have been reviewed and not approved were notified and provided information regarding the appeal process (CCE 301-92, 11.02).

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The advisory list below serves as a starting point for districts in selecting professional development. District professional development needs should be determined using a variety of local data points and be focused on topics relevant to the unique needs of the district. Districts choosing to use READ Act per pupil funds to purchase targeted professional development not on the advisory list will email for information about submitting the request.

View the list of professional development that meets the READ Act K-3 Teacher Training requirement.

Topic-Specific, READ Act-aligned Professional Development Programs

Glean Education, LLC 

Jessica Hamman 

  • Blended District Training on the Science of Reading, Structured Literacy Instruction, and Supporting Struggling Readers
  • Comprehensive Dyslexia and Literacy Bundle for Colorado Educators

Institute for Multi-Sensory Education, LLC

Alexandra Duffy

Keys to Literacy 

Lisa Klein  

Orton-Gillingham International 

Elenn Steinberg  

  • Yoshimoto-Orton Gillingham International (Y-OGI) Basic Course
  • Yoshimoto-Orton Gillingham International (Y-OGI) Preschool Course

Step by Step Learning

Michael Grabarits 


Debbie Hunsaker 

  • Planning and Teaching Reading Using Data-Based Decision Making (Focus Folder Course)

Voyager Sopris Learning

Carol K. Keller

  • LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) for Early Childhood Educators, 2nd Edition