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Visual Impairment: Guidelines and Support Documents

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Support Documents

Eye Examination Form

All school age children who are determined to be eligible with a Visual Impairment, Including Blindness will need to have an eye examination. This information does not confirm a child’s eligibility status for special education services and supports. It provides information about the learner’s visual diagnosis / diagnoses, clinical functioning, prognosis, and possible medical treatments for the eye condition(s).  An example template has been created for administrative units to use and/or adapt to secure information about the eye examination.


Colorado Braille Competency Test Documents


Unified English Braille (UEB) Support Documents and Resources 

Colorado Braille Competency Practice Test Documents
The Colorado Braille Competency Practice Test Documents are only for approved candidates for the Colorado Braille Competency Test. Approved candidates include licensed teachers of students with visual impairments or braillists employed in a Colorado public school district.  If a copy of the Practice Test documents is needed in braille format, please email Tanni Anthony or call her at (303) 866-6681.


Literacy Fact Sheets for the Learner who is Blind/Visually Impaired
These information sheets were developed for individual team members who work together to draft Individual Education Program literacy goals and objectives for school-age 03 - 21 years) learners with visual impairment, including children with additional disabilities.


Sample Individual Education Program (IEP) Goals and Objectives

Other Documents 

For more information on Guidelines and Support Documents for Visual Impairment including Blindness, please contact:

Tanni Anthony, Blindness/Low Vision Specialist
Phone:  303-866-6681
Email Tanni Anthony


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