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Application to Join BrainSTEPS CO (PDF)

Colorado’s BrainSTEPS CO will be accepting NEW TEAMS and NEW TEAM MEMBERS for the 2018-19 school year from June through mid-September of 2018. To participate in this nationally recognized professional development opportunity:

  • Districts/BOCES identify a team of 4-6* or more professionals (multi-disciplinary) who are interested and have the flexibility to serve as BrainSTEPS CO team members (BrainSTEPS CO Best Practices). *4-6 person teams are recommended. Exceptions may be made based on district/BOCES needs.
  • Each BrainSTEPS CO team member will submit a BrainSTEPS CO application in fall 2018 – Application to join BrainSTEPS CO.
  • Those accepted to the BrainSTEPS CO program must attend the full two-day new team member training (November 14-15, 2018).
  • District/BOCES identify one-two persons who will oversee their BrainSTEPS CO team as the team leader (this person must be identified on the application packet prior to the training.)
  • All BrainSTEPS CO team members must also attend the follow up capacity building training (spring 2019).

Current BrainSTEPS CO Teams

  • Academy 20 School District
  • Aurora Public Schools
  • Boulder Valley School District
  • Centennial BOCES
  • Cherry Creek School District
  • Cheyenne Mountain School District 12
  • Colorado River BOCES
  • Douglas County School District
  • East Central BOCES
  • Englewood Schools

  • Fountain‐Fort Carson School District 8
  • JeffCo Public Schools
  • Mesa County Valley School District
  • Poudre School District
  • Pueblo County District 70
  • School District 27J
  • School District 49
  • St. Vrain Valley School District
  • Thompson Schools
  • Ute Pass BOCES

About BrainSTEPS CO


Colorado’s BrainSTEPS CO (Strategies Teaching Educators, Parents, and Students) Brain Injury School Re-Entry Consulting Program was modeled after Pennsylvania’s BrainSTEPS program which began assisting school districts in 2007 and is considered a national model for brain injury educational consulting.  Download "Why your District/BOCES Needs a BrainSTEPS CO Consulting Team"

As a result of acquired brain injury many students return to school with lingering effects that impact classroom performance. BrainSTEPS CO has been designed to consult with school teams and families in the development and delivery of educational services for students who have experienced acquired brain injury.

Acquired brain injuries include any injury to the brain that is sustained after a period of development and encompasses the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (injury caused by an external force), including concussions, and
  • Non-traumatic brain injuries (e.g., strokes, brain tumors, brain infections, and anoxia).

BrainSTEPS CO works to not only re-enter students following brain injury, but with students previously identified as having a brain injury who may begin to develop educational effects over the years as the brain develops and matures.


BrainSTEPS CO teams:


  • Consult with schools regarding identification, school re-entry planning, IEP/504 Plan development, intervention selection and implementation, long-term monitoring of students and other issues professionals face in supporting students with brain injury.
  • Provide consultation to parents of any student with brain injury referred to the team and ongoing communication regarding services the team is providing for student.
  • Monitor students annually until graduation for manifestation of new cognitive/behavioral/social issues.
  • Disseminate brain injury resource information (e.g., written information, links to websites, referrals to community resources, etc.) to educators, families, and community providers working with students with BI.
  • Provide training on the educational implications of brain injury to educators as well as groups in their local community (e.g., parent, medical, rehabilitation).


Brochure and Best Practices

Janet Tyler, Ph.D.
BrainSTEPS CO Program Coordinator
Web: Health and Wellness - Brain Injury
(303) 916-0826

Heather Hotchkiss, MSW
BrainSTEPS CO Program Coordinator
Web: Traumatic Brain Injury/Special Education
(303) 866-6739

BrainSTEPS is a joint project between the Colorado Brain Injury Program, and the Colorado Department of Education.

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