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The newsletter VIBRATIONS is no longer published. Previous newsletters have been converted to topical newsletters and are free to all interested persons.

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Lending Library

A lending library is maintained with up-to-date books, articles, workshop materials, videotapes, and manuals related to the topic of vision and hearing loss. A current directory is available upon request, and lending library materials are mailed out upon request. For a copy of the Lending Library Inventory; or the Lending Library Request Form.

Learning Media and Communication Plan for Students with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

All school age (3-21 years) children and youth with visual impairment, including deaf-blindness, in the State of Colorado must have a Learning Media Plan on file as a part of their Individual Education Program. This plan highlights the results of a Learning Media Assessment by a teacher licensed in the area of visual impairment.

Specific information recorded on the Learning Media Plan includes:

  • identification and justification of primary and secondary learning and literacy modes,
  • information about how the learning and literacy modes will be implemented and integrated into the student’s educational activities,
  • the level of competency expected in each selected mode(s) that the student will achieve by the end of the period covered by the Individual Education Program, and
  • the braille competency status of the person delivering braille instruction, if braille is a selected literacy mode. (Note: All teachers licensed in the area of visual impairment and working in Colorado administrative units must demonstrate braille competency no later than the end of their first of year of employment based on CDE guidelines).

All school age (3-21 years) children and youth who are deaf/hard of hearing in the State of Colorado must have a Communication Plan on file as a part of their Individual Education Program.

This plan must include information on:

  • the child’s primary communication mode(s),
  • the availability of deaf/hard of hearing adult role models and peer groups of the student’s communication mode or language,
  • an explanation of all educational options provided by the administrative unit and available to the student,
  • the proficiency status of teachers, interpreters, and other specialists delivering the communication plan in the student’s primary communication mode or language
  • the communication –accessible academic instruction, school services, and extracurricular activities that the child will receive.

A form that addresses the documentation needs of both the Learning Media Plan and the Communication Plan has been created for use on behalf of school-age children and youth with both vision and hearing loss.

Colorado Resources for Families of Children who are Deafblind

National and International Resources Specific to Deaf-Blindness:

National Resources Specific to Children with Disabilities

Other State Projects on Deafblindness

National Center on Deaf-Blindness (Link to All State Projects)

For more information about the Colorado Services for Children and Youth with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss project, please contact:

Tanni Anthony
Phone: (303) 866-6681

Gina Herrera
Phone: (303) 866-6605

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