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Deaf-Blind: Family

Sharing the Journey: Connecting families with combined vision and hearing loss in Colorado

Parenting a child with a hearing and vision loss can be challenging, isolating and overwhelming from the shock of the initial diagnosis to the search for supports, answers and resources. Even what to call it can be confusing - combined vision hearing and visually loss, dual sensory diagnosis, or deafblindness?

Each family has its own journey at its own pace. But as we stumble along this uncharted territory it is important to know two things: you are not alone and there are other families for whom the details are different but the diagnosis the same. We can all learn from one another if we reach out. How to do that?


The second essential point is that the diagnosis of combined hearing and vision loss is a low incidence disability and receives federal funding used to connect, educate, and benefit families, enabling us to reach our potential - to provide technical assistance to our child at home and in school and to empower us as families to survive, and yes, even thrive.

As you have the time and as you are ready, take the time to search this site for the resources that can help you. Read Vibrations, call the project for a home or school visit, attend a Family Learning Retreat or Summer Institute, borrow books or videos from the Lending Library, or reach out to the parents affiliated with the project. It all exists for you, your child and your family.

Reach out and connect and you will reap the benefits!

Family Connections

Family Learning Retreat

The project sponsors an annual retreat for the whole family. The focus is on family networking, recreation for the children, and hands-on learning for parents of children who have both vision and hearing loss. For more information about the date and location of the next retreat, please contact Gina Quintana.

PEP Conferences

CDE sponsors the Parents Encouraging Parents Conferences, which are family centered conferences designed to offer support, information, and education to parents with children who have a disability, ages birth to 21 years, and professionals.

View more information and download a PEP application.

For more information about the Colorado Services for Children and Youth with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss project, please contact:

Tanni Anthony
Phone: (303) 866-6681

Gina Quintana
Phone: (303) 866-6605

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