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Initial Educational Interpreter Authorization

Preparing to Apply

This checklist is for ...

  • Individuals seeking an educational interpreter authorization for the first time OR
  • Individuals seeking to renew an educational interpreter authorization that has been expired for more than one year.

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  • An associate's or higher degree from a regionally accredited college/university in educational interpreting or related field (such as American Sign Language)
  • Certificate of completion of the EIPA written exam
  • Successful performance on the performance assessment required for your chosen modality (specifics in the documentation section below)
    • If you still are awaiting receipt of your assessment results, you may still apply for the credential! You will be required to provide a copy of your CDE-approved mentor schedule in the application. Once issued, verification of your passing score(s) within one year from the date of application or the credential will be expired. (Instructions will be provided at the time of issuance.)

Plan Ahead

Application Fee:

$90 in-state

$110 out-of-state

Authorization Expires:

5 years from date of issue

Gather the Necessary Information/Documentation

In the application you will need to include:

  • A valid form of government-issued identification. 
  • Documentation verifying your qualifications, including a number of the following (as required per your requested modality):
    • A copy of an official transcript reflecting a conferred associate's or higher degree in the content area
    • A copy of your EIPA written test certificate
    • A copy of your performance exam (or your mentor schedule if you have not yet taken the exam or are awaiting results):
      • For sign language interpreters, a 3.5 or higher on the EIPA performance exam
      • For cued speech transliterators, a 4.0 or higher on the EIPA-Cued Speech exam or a passing score on the CLTNCE
      • For oral interpreters, current RID Oral Transliteration Certification
  • All prior work experience
  • Documentation for any self-disclosures related to the following:
    • Prior criminal history
    • Disciplinary actions
    • Issues related to licensure or employment

Then ...

  • Log in to COOL to create your licensure account (if you have not already done so.)
  • Submit fingerprints (via the dark blue "CDE licensure" icon) to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
    • Ensure you have a current background check on file. You have 30 days from the time CDE receives your background check to apply for a license.
    • If you have submitted fingerprints for CDE credentialing in the past, but allowed all credentials to lapse or did not submit within the 30-day window, you must submit a new set of fingerprints to CBI for licensure purposes.
    • The status of your background checks will be noticed in your COOL account and within your application(s).

Have everything ready to go?

When you have gathered all required documentation, have submitted fingerprints to CBI for CDE licensure purposes and have reviewed the licensure process, log in to COOL and select the "APPLY for LICENSE" button to the right on your dashboard to complete the EDUCATIONAL INTERPRETER AUTHORIZATION application.

Final Reminders

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we again reiterate these important reminders:

  • You have 30 days from the time CDE receives your background checks to submit an application or you will need to submit a new set of fingerprints for licensure purposes at the time of application.
  • By submitting an application, you are verifying that you have submitted fingerprints for CDE licensure purposes, provided all requested documentation and answered all questions truthfully.
  • Within 45 days of receipt (usually far sooner!), CDE will evaluate the application.
    • Upon determination of qualification, CDE will notify the applicant and the corresponding certificate will be available for view or print in the individual's COOL account.
  • Should the application be found incomplete, CDE will notify the applicant via email and specify the information needed to complete it. This includes notification that we have yet to receive your background checks!
    • An applicant has 60 days from the date of this notification to cure the deficiency (i.e., provide the necessary information or submit background checks) or submit to the department a written request for reconsideration stating the basis for the request. Additional time is not granted to those who receive this notification due to background checks. Any additional deficiency noticed also will need to be cured within the original 60-day period.
      • Requests for reconsideration do not apply to background checks.
      • CDE will provide a written response within 30 days of any request for reconsideration.
    • An applicant who fails to cure the deficiency or request reconsideration within these 60 days will be deemed as having withdrawn the application, and such withdrawal shall not be subject to appeal or review.
  • State statute prohibits the refunding of any application evaluation fee.
  • Once you have submitted an application, check your COOL account regularly for notifications on its status and/or to print a copy of your certificate.





For questions, submit a Licensing Support Request form or call 720-739-3304 (7:30 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday).