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Colorado State Library Staff

Our Locations:

State Library
201 East Colfax Ave
Room 309
Denver, CO 80203

303-866-6900 (main)
303-866-6940 (fax)

Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

State Publications Library
201 East Colfax Ave
Room 314
Denver, CO 80203

303-866-6725 (main)

Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

Talking Book Library
180 Sheridan Blvd.
Denver, CO 80226

303-727-9277 (Metro Denver)
800-685-2136 (Toll Free In-State)

Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm


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Institutional Library Development

  • Diane Walden, Institutional Library Development Coordinator, 303-866-6341
  • Steven Bennett, Adult Institutions Senior Consultant, 303-307-2220
  • Renée Robbins, Adult Institutions Senior Consultant, 303-307-2226
  • Camden Tadhg, Youth Institutions Consultant & Acquisitions, 303-866-6727

See also: Institutional and Prison Libraries


Library Development

  • Sharon Morris, Director, 303-866-6730
  • Judy Barnett, Highly Effective School Library Coordinator, 719-964-5352
  • Beth Crist, Youth & Family Services Consultant, 303-866-6908
  • Ashley Kazyaka, Library Development Project Manager, 303-866-6894
  • Christine Kreger, Professional Development Consultant, 303-866-6946
  • Jacqueline Murphy, Library Community Programs Senior Consultant, 303-866-6891
  • Becky Russell, School Library/Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist, 303-866-6772
  • Casey Veatch, Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist, 303-866-6922

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[School Libraries] [Public Libraries]


Library Research Service (LRS)

See also: LRS Website   
Library Jobline 

Networking and Resource Sharing (NRS)

See also: [NRS Website] [Colorado Virtual Library[Historic Newspapers]


State Publications Library (CoSPL)

See also: [CoSPL Website] [CoSPL Blog] [CoSPL Catalog]
Questions: Email CoSPL or call 303-866-6725


Talking Book Library (CTBL)

See also: CTBL Website
Questions: Email CTBL or call 303-727-9277

For additional information, contact Melissa Carlson, 303-866-6910.

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