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Library Laws, Policies and Standards

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Boards & Trustee Information

The Colorado State Library regularly offers in-person and virtual training and consulting for public library boards.
Topics include:

  • The Basics of Good Governance
  • Legal Hot Topics for Libraries
  • Trustee Fiduciary Duties
  • Introduction to Strategic Planning
  • Board Self-Regulation Tactics
  • The Interrelationship Amongst Library Governing Boards/Friends/Foundations
  • Current Trends in Public Libraries

Contact the Colorado State Library (303-866-6900) for further information or to schedule a virtual or in-library board training for your library.

Additional Online Training Resources:

Legal and Policy Issues

Disclaimer: This is not intended as legal advice or to serve as a legal opinion of the Colorado Department of Education. Please consult with your city, county or library district attorney, as applicable, for any legal implications for your library.

Strategic Planning

Libraries exist in a political framework, and sometimes either internal or external politics get in the way of our libraries’ missions. CSL facilitation can help your library and community best mitigate this. CSL meeting facilitation is focused on:

  • Shared participation
  • Mediation and conciliation services
  • Improving group dynamics
  • Having effective meetings
  • Strategic and action planning assistance with quality citizen and stakeholder input
  • Assistance with organization and clarifying next steps

For consultation on Strategic Planning, please contact the Colorado State Library at 303-866-6900.



Contact the Colorado State Library (303-866-6900) for more information.



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