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Under the “Rules for the Administration of the Public School Transportation Fund” (1 CCR 301-14), all public school districts that provide directly, or contract for, pupil transportation are eligible to receive reimbursement from this fund.

The Fund allows for districts to be reimbursed for a portion of the expenditures incurred in transporting pupils from home to school, school to school, and school to home (i.e. pupil route transportation). It does not allow for the inclusion of expenditures associated with pupil activities (such as athletics, field trips, and other extra-curricular activities), or non-pupil transportation.

In order to determine the fund amount to which districts are entitled, each district must complete and submit a CDE-40 claim form (Public School Transportation Fund Reimbursement Claim form) to the School Finance Unit via the CDE website. As part of the fund oversight process and to ensure fund payments are accurate, the School Auditing Office of the School Finance Unit at CDE conducts periodic audits of the information submitted on the CDE-40 claim form and subsequent fund distributions.


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