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Career Conversation Training & Resources

Career Conversation Training & Resources

Free Career Conversation Training - Now through June 30

Are you ready to empower job seekers through meaningful career exploration and build your leadership skills as a trusted career advisor?

Join Colorado Education Initiative, CDE, and Indigo Pathway for FREE Meaningful Career Conversations trainings.

These trainings are designed for ANYONE in a position to provide guidance to those who want to enter the workforce, to pursue a specific career path, or to change careers (now or in the future).

Access the CEI website, Meaningful Career Conversation Trainings to find out how to sign up for next training session near you.  Or customize a training for your team.

Access the Career Advising Tool, designed by Indigo Pathways.  Take a 10 minute Career Pathway Quiz and provide feedback as they develop the tool.

7 steps of Career Conversations
Type of Practice: 
  • Curriculum and Scope and Sequence
  • Lesson Plans
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Websites
  • Category: 
  • Individual Development
  • Career Development
  • Academic Development
  • Meaningful Career Conversations
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  • Business or Organization
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  • Not a District
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  • Not Region-Specific
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  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Learner