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Graduation Guidelines - Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans

Roaring Fork

Roaring Fork underwent a community visioning and strategic planning process facilitated by a nonprofit organization. The two main questions for stakeholders were: 1) “What characteristics do you want to see in schools?” and 2) “What goals should we have for our students?” Meetings revealed main themes of college and career readiness, project-based learning, and character building. In addition to traditional educational requirements (e.g., course completion, etc.), the district included a Capstone project in graduation requirements to address these themes and goals.

A strategic plan was developed from the themes of these meetings:

  • Strategic Plan Overview
    This overview displays five strategic pillars, numerous strategies, and target results of the district’s strategic plan, along with the mission and six core values that guide them.
  • Strategic Plan Summary
    This summary describes the foundations (mission, commitments, and values), results-based approach, process, results, monitoring plan, data development agenda, and recommendations of the district’s strategic planning efforts.
  • Strategic Plan Coordination Website
    This website includes information about Roaring Fork’s strategic plan: an overview, a summary report, and a 1000x view that includes results and indicators, academic excellence, character development, talent development, strategic use of resources, and community partnership. The website also provides plans and resources for each of 16 action teams and the commitments and final report for the visioning process. It was created for action teams to use in collaboration, monitoring, and implementation efforts.

Subsequently, the district built several websites based on their strategic plan:


District 49

Read about 49 Pathways:  "In 2013, District 49 adopted long-range strategic priorities, built on the foundation of our “Big Rocks.” We chose to focus on 1) reestablishing trust in the district; 2) engaging our community; 3) establishing District 49 as the best place to learn, work and lead; 4) growing a robust portfolio of schools; and 5) launching every student to success.  As part of our commitment to rock 5, senior leaders began a deep investigation of Colorado’s graduation guidelines. Through state-level events hosted by the Colorado Association of School Executives, the Colorado Association of School Boards and the Colorado Department of Education, our leaders came to believe that the best way to launch every student to success was to amplify the depth and breadth of our Individual Career and Academic Plan implementation."

  • Career and College Readiness Website: "... explore careers, develop technical skills, earn industry certifications, and take free college classes...Learn more about your interests and talents, build your digital profile and resume, and work on real-world projects to prepare for your future goals and dreams.

  • 49 Pathways Brochure:  Preparing every students for college and Career